on New Year’s Resolutions

My word for this year is INTENTIONAL.
My verse for this year is the one I repeated to myself on the way to to E.R : Psalm 46:1-2 (I condensed it to something less poetic, but the same message: “God is my ever present help in times of trouble, I will not fear” is basically what I could remember. )

What happened was…

We rang in the New Year! Did you? I don’t stay up anymore and I haven’t for years. It just not worth it the next day – at least not during this particular season of life for me.

But! I do make resolutions. Here they are, in no particular order:

001: significantly more friluftsliv time
002: drink more water (this one makes my list every year)
003: shoot all the film I have in the fridge and get it developed
004: try a 52 photo challenge this year and document it here
005: start doing yoga again!
006: start putting together a home school plan

And, that’s basically it. I keep my list short to make it attainable. I really want to focus on being intentional with the one beautiful life I get to live and that has some additional goals attached to it as well and I’d like to get healthier this year.

Also…with the exception of my 52 photo project goal, I will be going mostly “dark” on social media. I need a reset from the whole social media thing.

waaaaay out West, still in Texas

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019!